GoZ support in Rhino?

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Continuing the discussion from V6 improvements and what I currenty like about Rhino:

Thanks Warren for the suggestion about GoZ. Can you describe your workflow and where you use this now as a bridge. I’m not totally clear on what it is after a quick search but I think it’s a Zbrush plugin for going between other poly modelers. How would you envision Rhino working with this?


GoZ takes whatever you’re working on in, for example, 3DSMax and sends it over to ZBrush where it automatically opens and you can start sculpting on it. That’s really handy for a lot of things and saves the whole export/import workflow steps. You can send it back to 3DSMax as well, although that’s not generally as useful.

The way I use Rhino is that I create things that are hard or annoying to do using subd modelling techniques as it’s way faster and I don’t have to care about edges and topology. So the way I would see this being most useful to guys like me (I do environment art for video games), is being able to send geometry from 3DSMax (Or Modo or Maya or whatever) into Rhino for scaling and reference purposes. Then, once you build the piece you want in Rhino, send it over to 3DSMax as a NURBs object for insertion into the scene.

I generally export/import from Rhino to 3DSMax using the SAT file format so that Max will retain all the beautiful smoothing and edges I generate in Rhino.

Then when all the pieces are built, I bake out normal maps and the stuff I create in Rhino just looks gorgeous on the low poly mesh. Mathematically smooth and 100% pinch free. :slight_smile:


Hi Brian,
I would love a link with 3Dcoat voxel modeler. There was work on a plugin but the guy who was working on it stopped for some reason. If you haven’t tried it 3dcoat can do amazing things that Rhino can’t, it’s like digital clay. It would be great to import and export files direct to 3dcoat Voxel format.

They have a developers kit and are very helpful, also uformia has a Rhino plugin that is Voxel modeling. One really needs to try this to see how cool it could be combined with Rhino. I use it to detail my models but it would better if I didn’t have to save to obj format and deal with meshes, apparently nurbs can go directly to voxels.


I’d also love to see a 3Dcoat link also. I often have to scoot over to 3Dcoat to do something that is impossible in Rhino. The developers seem very helpful there, so hopefully something could be done.

3DCoat support in Rhino?
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Hi Roland,

I started a new thread for any 3DCoat support discussion. I haven’t used this program myself so any feedback you have on what could be improved in your workflow would be great to hear. I’ve asked development to look into an SDK and maybe we’ll be able to streamline the workflow.

I am very familiar with voxel modeling and how it differs from NURBS. I formerly worked for the makers of Freeform which has been bought and sold a couple times now I think. I’m not sure if this geometry representation would ever come to core Rhino… it seems like plugin territory to me and the Uformia one http://www.uformia.com/products/symvol-for-rhino looks pretty interesting.