Troubleshooting Index from Item List is changing while changing geomety

i’m new to rhino/grasshopper, i try to buld a paramised seat. I got a extruded curvethat i cut with a curve. i want to collect the edges to make a network surface in the next step. but the index of the edgres is changing, when i change the extruded surfeface. Can anybody help me?
i’m getting crazy with that!

Item List - Index (60.9 KB)

‘THE PROBLEM’ group is not as self-explanatory as you might think. It would help if you elaborate on the steps required to see the problem?

This is also complicated by multiple clusters with names that make no sense in English.

In general, it sounds like you expect components (like SrfSplit, for example) to generate consistent output, in shape and sequence, when their inputs change? That’s an invalid assumption.


parametrized - Englisch-Deutsch Übersetzung | PONS

“parameterized”? :wink:

One problem is in this cluster I exploded here…

The Surface split component requires a surface input. Your curve coming from Sitztiefe cluster can be rebuilt as degree 3 curve which extrudes to a trimmedd surface and then the splitting works fine.

I don’t like clusters and I have no time to dig through the rest, sorry.

Item List - Index (64.3 KB)

Exploding all the clusters is a good idea. Gives a better picture of just how much code there is to wade through in this GH file. Renaming standard components instead of just their inputs and outputs bothers me… Or is that done by GH itself when working in a different language?

Using relays and naming them is also a pet peeve of mine, especially when the names are meaningless to English-only folk (like me).

YIKES :exclamation: Trying again… (forum doesn’t like an image this large?)

Hey, sorry for the extra confusion by renaming. i didn’t thought that i will ask somebody for help. i’m working with rhino/gh for around 2 weeks and its like completly new to me