Troubleshooting boolean union

I’m trying to diagnose the issue with this boolean union. What’s the easiest way to join these two solids? Thank you! (Also, you’ll notice this model from my earlier post.)
BooleanUnionTroubleshoot.3dm (1.7 MB)

lots of coplanar faces here which is a long term issue with booleans. They need to have very explicit intersections. You also have some very long thin surfaces that should be removed…

you will have to trim this in by hand which is not hard…

BooleanUnionTroubleshoot_kfix.3dm (1.1 MB)

Thanks, Kyle. Really appreciate your work with the merge. A couple of questions if you don’t mind… Are you suggesting rebuilding the curves that form the sufaces to simplify them? Also, would you mind telling me a bit more about the specific commands you used in your merge process?

Thanks again!

I simply deleted the top surface and the vertical surface of your red object, then extracted the corresponding surfaces in the green object, then trimmed the green surfaces with the red surfaces.

I then ran showedges and looked for naked edges, which highlighted the thin vertical surfaces that needed to be removed.

I then exploded the entire model and rejoined it in one shot and checked for naked edges… it went back together nicely.

typically speaking, if parts overlap a bit I reach for booleans… if they are coincident, I reach for trim…