Trouble with mesh tween within twisted boxes using pufferfish

Using pufferfish plugin, I’m trying to morph tweened meshes over twisted boxes created between two surfaces. Unfortunately, they are not coming out right. They are floating instead of joining together at the open square ends.

Issue with box morphing using pufferfish. I’m using 2.9 version of this plugin.

I tried this with two components, Twisted Box Two Surfaces, and Twisted Box Through Surfaces. Still no success.

These are the two mesh modules I have

This is the result that I am getting.

box morph issue - (82.3 KB)

Please help.

box morph issue - (78.0 KB)

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Thanks. I am unable to understand what exactly is happening in the set of components within the purple box. I was hoping that there can be a solution with the tweening of meshes.

Using the original script that I shared in my post earlier, I am getting perfect result with a mesh having the exact same shape. Looks like I am doing something wrong creating my mesh in Rhino during the first steps.

I don’t know what exactly is going wrong in the original meshes.
box morph issue - (77.6 KB)

Just look at your tween mesh component, its obvious, your topologies don’t match to tween the way you want. One of the cells is crossed to what the topology of the other is. The way you should make cells is make one first, then make the other by copying and manipulating the first.

How to make cells:

and then it works fine:

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Awesome!! Thanks a lot! :pray: I’ll be more careful in making my cells now.

Can you edit the topic to the Pufferfish category so others might see this if searching.

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Done. Thanks a ton again for your support. :+1:t3::+1:t3:

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