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Hi everyone!,

I’m trying to get to know Putterfish, specially the twisted box panel and the tween between surfaces and meshes commands.

I have seen a lot in internet this image:

And I’m trying to understand the interpolation types that I can find, for example, in the Twisted Box Through Surfaces command. The only type of interpolation that I am able to generate is the Linear one. The other seems to have no result.

My goal is to achieve a Twisted Boy Through Surfaces with a Chord interpolation type. As you can see on the image example.

Can someone guide me through this topic? Or does someone knows a tutorial, video or sample files that I could look into?

I will very much apreciate it !

Thanks in advance :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Please download the example files found on the download page. There is an example for every component.

The only type of interpolation that I am able to generate is the Linear one. The other seems to have no result.

Only way that would happen is if you are only using 2 surfaces as inputs or all your surfaces are the same and aligned. Would help to see a file and screenshot.

Hi Michael,
thanks for your response.

It seems that my problem is on the inputs surfaces.

Before I was using other type of surfaces and I managed to do a Tween two Surfaces Along a Curve getting the result I wanted. But now that I change the input surfaces it does not work anymore, don’t know why.

Thats the reason why I was wondering about the Chord Interpolation Type that I see on the picture. I tried now with 3 surfaces and yes, I can see some results.

I’m attaching a small definition with the problem now, which is getting the Tween two Surfaces Along a Curve. Hope you can give me some hints on why its not working anymore.

Thank you very much!

TweenSrfAlongCurves.gh (102.5 KB)

I get an error like: 1. Solution exception:Index was outside the bounds of the array.


Hi please use the Tween Through Surfaces component with more than 2 surfaces. The tweening surface along curve is an experimental idea and will still need development (If you have not noticed there is no consecutive or through versions of it yet either).

Hi Michael :slight_smile:
I just tried with Swap Surface Direction of the input surfaces and it worked!
Thank you, for the quick answers and for this amazing plug-in :heartpulse:

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