Trouble With Component (5.9 KB)

Hello All,
I have been working on this python script all day. I am having trouble trimming surfaces with Isocurves. No matter WHAT i do they are not organized properly (15 is where 1 should be), consequently it is messing the whole thing up. Any suggestions?

In particular it is the call def faceSplit(brepFace, curves):

    faceLst = []
    splits = brepFace.Split(curves, 0.001)
    faces = splits.Faces
    for x in range(17):
        newFace = faces[x].ToNurbsSurface()
    return faceLst

in particular it is the "brepFace.Split(curves, 001) line that seems to be returning a “wrongly” sorted list of faces.

Also related:
I am trying to compile my component per this instrustion page: Tutorial: creating a Grasshopper component with the Python GHPY compiler

but it seems that it only works for Rhino 6? The GH_Python plugin in my version: 5, doesn’t seem to have a few options such as SDK mode.

In Rhino 5 you can only make Python as User Object. I believe compiling Python was added new for Rhino 6.

Thanks Micheal… That is unfortunate! I guess its time to upgrade:sleepy:

Anyway Anyone have an idea whats up with the brepFace.Split function? its strange, it simply won’t return split faces in an appropriate order…