Trouble to match multiline text

Dear GH community,
I am having trouble to match some multiple text fragments of a list, because I run into some problems that I can’t figure out.
In the first example having to match this 2 text fragments {18} and {19}, everything seems to be working fine, but if I enter for example in addition {00}, {01}, {02}, etc etc, as the first index, for no apparent reason, the cull pattern components deletes some unexpected items (in this case the items of the 01 September), but if I put the {00}, after the index {19} nothing happens.

I need to match a predefined multi-text fragments from a list, (in this case {xx}) even if they aren’t present, without fear of important values being deleted.
Any advice? (282.9 KB)

Thanks and happy new year

Hello, and happy new year !

Match Text component has inputs as item, but you provide it trees and lists with multiple elements. What the component does in your case is : for each branch of the tree, it will try to match the first item of the branch to the first pattern (*{18} in your example), then the second element of the branch to the second pattern, and so on.

See below this shorter example with two lists.

What I understand you’re in the need of is to keep an element of the tree as long as it matches at least one pattern ? In which case you need to graft your tree so each single element is tested for all patterns, then mass add the result (false => 0, true => 1, so if the sum is strictly higher than 0, it means at least a match was found) and trim tree before culling.

I also found out that you have no data matching {00}, but some lines do match {0}. (284.0 KB)

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@magicteddy many thanks,
I didn’t grafted the Text Imput on the text match component because I didn’t think there was a need, as the list was already “grafted”.
It seems the solution to my problem, I will spend a few more hours on it to be sure. Thank you so much