Text Match - multiple pattern input

Hi all,

So I’m trying to match text by using a value list to create multiple pattern.
Somehow it seems to me that value list is not the tool I should use for this purpose?

TEXT MATCH.gh (29.9 KB)


does this makes sense?

TEXT MATCH_re.gh (33.4 KB)

Hi Tom,

Thanks for replying.
I honestly don’t have any coding background…
Although I’m still hoping if there’s another way out by only use GH components, but your version definitely save my life at the moment!

Why is this a problem?

Here is another solution without scripting:

you can exploit the fact that false can be 0 and true be 1.

TEXT MATCH_re2.gh (34.2 KB)

Ah…Thanks again Tom,
Don’t get me wrong, the previous script is awesome. I’m just eager to learn stuff under my skill ability so far so I can make use of this experience when facing similar problem in future.

All in all, I really appreciate your help!

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Here is another solution without scripting:

This just helped me a lot, having the same context.
Thanks Tom

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