Triremesh or TryRemesh?

Hi folks (@DanielPiker),
I’m loving TriRemesh, but I’ve been encountering this scenario where the output mesh looks good, but has several zero length edges. How can this be avoided? if i vary the Length the problem areas shift or sometimes disappear.

This is the overall mesh

And the problems are here where the five faces of the input breps meet. You can see there are two coincident vertices under the cursor. welding does not repair this

MeshRepair fixes the zero length edges, but i wonder if there is another way, of if i’m using TriRemesh incorrectly?

This is a problem because if the mesh has problems it dissolves in the next part of the script where i tension the mesh onto the frame (it’s supposed to be a fabric roof)

Script attached below

fabric roof tryRemesh - (153.5 KB)

Hi @dharman

I think I have an idea what is happening here related to the tolerances on the feature curves.
I’ll have a look tomorrow.

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Here’s a quick fix.
I’ll get it sorted in the main remesh code too though (151.7 KB)

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thanks @DanielPiker that’s a very nice one-liner

So we will see an updating rhino please wait screen for this?

Hi -

No, you will need to install a new version when that becomes available. Depending on your settings, you will be notified that a new version has been downloaded and will be asked to install it.

Hahha vim… that was another way to ask if it will be added to next updates :slight_smile: :smiley: