Issue with TRIM/Split complex objects

Hi there, I am trying, so far with no success on this particular solid, to split the solid into two halves. I managed to do it with similar (simpler I would say) objects but this one is a pain, and I need some help please. Thanksobject.3dm (15.6 MB)

can you upload a v5 file?

Hi there, here it is. cutting r5.3dm (15.5 MB)
This is the effect I am looking for. Thanks.

its a very complex geometry to simply split, there are many areas where the split curve match with some edges causing to fail.
it’s a nice xenomorph torso anyway.
one strategy could be extract all the surfaces that the split curve touch and use the Pull command to ensure the intersection.
I wouldn’t reccomend to have only one partition surface.

OK, I managed to do it :slight_smile:

I am also working on a different workflow, based on STLs, so I have one more question:
as per attached picture, is there any way to “pull” surface to close gaps between the surface and curves?

or maybe there are some settings in “Patch” that would create ideal patch with curve (currently curve to patch is offset as per picture 3). (patch options: sample:1, Us 100, Vs 100, Stiffnes:1)