Trimming lofted surfaces

I have three lofted surfaces that I want to trim. I have created a cutting plane and am using that as the trimming surface. The verticle surface on the left gets trimmed but you can see daylight between the cutting plane and the right side of the trimmed surface. It appears that the center surface is trimmed correctly but the right surface leaves an artifact on the right side. I must be a bad modeler because I keep getting issues like this. See attached views and also the file is attached.Trim problem.3dm (485.9 KB)

Run SelBadObjects in the command line. Then fix the selected problem surface.

Ok, I see the problem. Untrim the hole below the surface trim. Then the surface trim produces the proper result. Very strange.

The edge of that hole is .001 from the cutting plane - that is less than the file tolerance of .002+