Trimming a group of lines when they meet certain curves

Hi, we all know why I’m here haha.
Each outside points draws a line to the center of the room (Violet room). If it touches a red room(red curve), it trims itself (Green Line remains). On the diagram, I show an example of what I want to do for 1 point.

I’m attaching to this file a rhino with a minimum number of points and a rhino file with the inputs imbedded.
Mini. Version.3dm (532.7 KB)
Inputs and (15.4 KB)

I would appreciate any help, thank you!

Your red curves consist of overlapping duplicate fragments.

I can delete the duplicate fragments, what problems does it create?

Inputs and (20.6 KB)


Thank you so much!! I’ve been struggling with this for so long hahaha.

One more question if I may ask, how do I also include the lines that didn’t touch the red walls?

Check this as well.

Inputs and (58.8 KB)

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Inputs and (25.9 KB)

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You’re a life saver! Thank you a lot Joseph :grinning:
I’ll make sure to produce something good out of all of this.

Thank you Kim! The sliders really help me visualize the final product !!

I like this version using IVRay.

Inputs and (23.4 KB)

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