Trimmed Surface to Mesh

Hi there,

I am trying to get a mesh out of a trimmed surface. I can very easily do this in rhino but how can I do this inside Grasshopper ?

Can I aslo get a quad mesh out of this ?

Is there a way to understand Grasshoppers loigc when creating such a mesh that I can get the indecies for the points that make up the circle ?

Most importantly for me is to create the mesh the other two question are there if anyone can answer me or give me pointers
Grasshopper (14.8 KB)

Much appreciated

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To get the type of mesh being made from Rhino there you can plug the surfaces into the mesh parameter, it will convert it. If you want more control use the mesh brep component.

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@Michael_Pryor and @Joseph_Oster
thank you both for a quick response, this was embarassingly easy to do !