Trim with Region - Branch Problem


I’m working on a wooden facade. I’m trying to trim some lines with a rectangle, it works very well. I also get the right outcome. So if I use only one surface it’s fine, but when i use two surfaces, the outcomes are many branches, not only two. From all the other components I get only two branches.
So if after I wanna extrude those lines, they are going the wrong direction as the branch structure is lost.
Does anyone can help? The group marked in red color is the issue I guess.


wooden (24.4 KB) wooden facade.3dm (101.1 KB)

If I understand your discription correctly, you could use Path Mapper or Shift Paths.

wooden (24.7 KB)

Hi Kim,

thank you very much for you help! Very much appreciated, that was the solution :slight_smile:

best regards,