Trim with History (doesn't work)

I have long wanted to know, how to automatically trim when I move points

Why is history not supported for a trim?

Hello - it is possible to support trim, and we had it hooked up briefly here in testing some time ago - one difficulty, as I recall, is that that an edit to the surface or trimming curve can result an a different number of outputs than the original trim operation and that makes it hard or impossible to keep track of in a reliable way, as History is currently implemented.

@GregArden - I’m sure you remember better why we decided not to support Trim in History…?


Hello @pascal
Does the Rhino have experimental features?
Maybe include Trim in History as an additional tool?


If you want a robust trim history implementation, I’m afraid your only option is Autodesk Alias. The price difference between it and Rhino holds the answer to why Rhino can’t do this (and the demise of T-splines is a clue as to the economics of people who try anyway).