Wish: rebuild and trim history enabled

As the subject is it on the plan to have both rebuild and trim with history?


Any news on the subject?
I was alone for a while and I miss this news.

Still no news on this, I’m guessing?

This is the top hit on this forum when I search for “trim history”, and I’m surprised to not see any answers at all…

Hi - history for rebuild and trim works fine - for curves.

I see a related (hidden) YT item (RH-22057) on the list and will add a reference to this thread.

Hello - we tried trim for breps with History - it did work at the basic level - problems arise when there is an edit to the input objects that results in a change to the number of resulting objects. It’s maybe analogous to say MatchSrf with History where an edit that changes the target object edges makes a mess of History much of the time. My preference for that command would be that History simply break, rather than make a mess - perhaps that could work in Trim/Split as well…


I agree with you, as starting point a break in the history could be enough but the long term goal should be to have it working without breaks.
at the first could it works for srfs only(ala Alias) . would be a great improvement!
from primary to secondary srfs (if this definition makes sense for you).

I remember that mess you mention from another thread I made. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing creating a more robust History, which adapts to the internal way Rhino handles geometric data, is about an as big a project as adding Subd, so that won’t happen until Rhino 9 or 10?

Probably a lot bigger…

Hehe, well they have had 7 years to think about it…

I keep forgetting I go out every so often and search the forums when I want missing features, and end up in different threads. :slight_smile:

I’m bumping my own thread here, but to…

  • Trim a surface
  • Inspect the design
  • Adjust the construction surfaces
  • Untrim
  • Re-trim
  • Inspect the design

…is such a tedious procedure in Rhino.

I’m going to do one of my terribly unfair comparisons that I’ve been trying to stay away from, but Rhino was much faster to rough out surfaces with up until this point. Now, I’m beginning to think I’m hitting the limits with Rhino and am beginning to wonder if, after all, and overall, Alias isn’t faster still?

(Then there’s the soft value of “fun”… Rhino was much more fun to work with than Alias, but the UI paper-cuts and the UI inconsistencies are beginning to wear me down.)