Combine Lines/Curves Into Polyline/Surface/Region

Hi Folks,
I have a simple question.

From my limited understanding, lines can only be trimmed to Regions or Breps. I have three lines and one curve that I’d like to combine into a region (polyline/surface/other?) that is compatible with a “Trim” component’s Region[R] input. I strangely can’t seem to figure this out on my own.

Well the component you have trims curves so you can split curve with joined closed curves

But I am not sure if this what you need

Thanks for replying Petras!

When I join my curves/lines and connect it to the Region input of of the 'Trim with Region" component, I get an error message from the “Trim with Region” component saying, “Curves should only be trimmed with a closed region.”

Is there a way I can combine a curve and two lines into a single region that is compatible with a “Trim with Region” component?

So your curves aren‘t closed even through join curve, which should normally does the job. Can you test with „close curve“ or something like this. There is a component to check and to close if needed.

I am still unable to join these curves into a region that is compatible with the Region ® input of the “Trim with Region” component, so I have created a simplified GH file that isolates the problem. Please let me know if anyone is able to review my file and figure this out for me! (I’ve added some text notes in the GH file, as pictured)

Trim (22.7 KB)

Look at your data structure… Flatten your curves before joining.

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Awesome, thanks Tim! That was it!