Trim region to boundary - Trim street network to project boundary

I am looking to trim several regions to a boundary curve, but what would be the best way to proceed?
What I need to do is trim the street network I generated earlier to the boundary curves for a project. There may be several boundary curves that intersect a single street network, but this example includes only one portion of the street network.

To be clear, I want to transform this:

To this:

Trim street network to project (13.2 KB)


Here is one idea.
The first few components could be avoided if the curves were clean and closed.

Trim street network to project (24.3 KB)

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Thanks, the intersection approach helped me to determine a good approach to move forward with. Generally, with an interconnected street layout, there’s only a single exterior curve for road outlines, which is longer than its interior curves. So I did the region difference with the project outlines that intersect the exterior road outline curves. :slight_smile:

E: This is just a matter of prepping the data so you can apply a region difference between the boundary curves and the intersecting curves.