Masterplan, Urban Planning Project in GH

Hi Guys,

I have started a new project for my student portfolio. It is a masterplan and I will try to to do as much as possible in GH.
Currently I am building a framework which then I can use for my design ideas.

Main Inputs are:

  • Road centrelines
  • Site boundary

I have created roads and plots, but before I move into modelling parcels and building can I ask a couple of questions.

  1. How to limit curve fillet only inside the boundary, where curves touch the boundary roads and plots should stay as a strait line.

  2. How to make plot chamfer edge. I found a way with poly lines , but some of my roads are curves.
    It doesn’t work, it makes line strait

  3. What to limit chamfer effect to up to 100 degree corner , if it is more no chamfer.

  4. Cant seem to find a way separate pavement from plot. Basically make a hall in pavement surface in a form of the plot? Tried all intersection options already

Thank you

GC_01.3dm (3.7 MB) (21.4 KB)

Point one: tried fillet at parameter, but that doesn’t seem to work with multiple parameters for one curve (outputs several new curves, each with one filleted parameter)… so I dispatched all lines that are sitting on the site boundary, filleted the rest and joined them back together. (13.9 KB)

Point two: culling curves with your chosen fillet radius. (16.4 KB)

Hi Amir,
Thank you very much. It does help.
Can I check with you how does “point on curve” and equality test work in your file?

I also stumble a problem where fillet doesn’t work on every corner for some reason?

Currently I am trying another way, project road onto boundary surface and then fillet, it looks like cleaner solution, but can’t find a way to close road outline to create a brep.

Cheers (19.5 KB)

Ok Got it! You are using ‘point in curve’ and on curve component to separate one from another.

I fixed the problem with fillet as well, it was loft, was creating extra points and fillet wasn’t been able to draw a curve as points where to close.


Ok if someone interested in this as well, I have watched WIP file but usable.
I will continuo to develop it with parcel divisions and building placement.

GC_02.3dm (5.3 MB) (25.1 KB)

Ok I managed to create a plot subdivision based of Plot perimeter. BUT:

  1. It works on simple curves, if I try to link a more complex curves it add more points and it doesnt work as I am using a middle point of every curve. I need to find a way to simplify curves or other way of doing it?
  2. As my Plots boundary curves have different orientation chi create problem when offsetting them.
  3. Also can’t find a way to exclude areas which are too small for parcel subdivision.

Any ideas are very welcome.

GC_03.3dm (4.5 MB) (38.6 KB)

Have you made any progress? Have a look here. (34.3 KB)

Hi Amir,
Thank you, I was away for a week. Will take a look this afternoon.
I am currently was trying to give correct ID to every plot and parcel… But It looks like you did it as well. (20.9 KB)

Hi Amir,
I still fighting with road types and roundabouts unfortunately.
Currently I stumble upon two problems. Thank you for helping out, still learning GH.

  1. Cant seem to find a way to exclude free standing roundabouts or parks from boundary surface? Culling Item 0 removes road but not extra free floating circles. I am doing something wrong with the data.

  2. When creating offset for plots in very tight areas it chooses one side and not creating an offset on another? See image


RoadsTest_01.3dm (3.3 MB) (18.6 KB)