Trim/Intersect command workflow questions

Hi all,

I’m trying to form a weave-like pattern that I can export and print on a laser cutter. I’m currently struggling with how to effectively trim all the intersecting middle pieces to make it one solid. I’m hoping there’s a better way to do this than going through each individual piece and trimming it :sweat_smile:

I grouped them into different layers hoping that I could potentially trim between layers but no luck.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

2.5 Laser Outputs.3dm (12.5 MB)

Hi Aidan - CurveBoolean should help here.


Thank you! I clicked on each box individually, but is there a way to streamline which boxes it fills? Similar to the boolean2objects command and how it cycles through options?

Hi Aidan - I think Grasshopper will be your friend here, or a script… or, you could ask for AllRegions (CombineRegions=No) in CurveBoolean, and then use SelSmall with the right setting to isolate the ones you want which appear to be the smallest regions.