Trim Curve then create new shape

Hi all,
Good day, all.
I am running out of juice and want to ask how will I trim this curves then create new shapes from the trim curve.I extend the lines then intersect it by curve|curve and I am lost.

trim curves (6.1 KB)
trim curves.3dm (169.8 KB)


The barbarian Flattening cannot work in this situation, you need to Trim Tree so the data structure matches when applying Shatter.

trim curves (15.1 KB)

I think it would be easier to reference all offseted pieced in the same branch, like this :

trim curves (21.3 KB)


For what it’s worth, there are Fennec and Heteroptera plugins that have specific features(Regions and Geometric Region).

trim curves (8.6 KB)


thanks to this bro. The second one worked and the branches are structured well. I just change the join curve to simplify curve. Thanks again

this will be good but I am trying to create it without plugins.