Trim complex brep

HI! Greetings to all, I need help on trimming this complex brep.

The dome consist of two component, its skeleton and the panels.
I want to trim everything that is found inside the box on both side. Tried split brep and trim solid but none of them is suitable for this complex brep.
Anyone knows how to made it?
This my GH file.CUT (47.9 KB)

I tried opening your file but it won’t load because of a plugin you’re using.

Try using the Trim solid or solid difference boolean operations:



Maybe you need to chek your “FINAL FORM” something wrong happens there.

I see that your surface morph output is a list of null objects, you can’t trim null objects.

I tried many things… using R6. Despite this missing piece, I can see your geometry.


What I see is that one end works (the right end in top view) but the other end yields only a tiny fragment, leaving most of the brep intact.

In general, you are working a half million units away from the origin with very large unit dimensions.
I would quibble about how the brep is constructed but some changes I tried made no difference in the end, the split failed the same way.

I believe the problem is that the brep coming from SrfMorph is malformed.