Working with a very large file (plz help)

Hi Guys,

So for a uni task i have to create these large structure made of small components. This link shows kinda what it looks like( ). The reason its so big (being 500mb+) is that when i first created my components i used the twist tool which created very high detailed mesh’s for each component. I was wondering if theres anyway to work with this file as it freezes/crashes constantly at this point in time.

for my specs ive only got 8gb of ram but my CPU and GPU are quite good

Hello Chazabro, I think using the Twist modifier is the problem, if your small components are single surface objects, you can try to apply the twist command just to the control points instead of the surface itself, this will avoid the rebuilding process during the deformation of the object.
Also, if your structure is made by repetition of the same group of object with no further modifications, you can convert those object to mesh and then make the structure as mesh objects. this will increase the file size but improve the workflow.