Triangular grid with equilateral triangles without the excess trims at the boundaries

Hello, I’m new to Grasshopper. I’m looking for a way to create an equilateral triangle grid without the excess (non-equilateral parts that originate at the boundaries, see picture 2). The TriGrid built into Grasshopper achieve what I want but unfortunately, it cannot be mapped onto a curved plane/surface, that’s why it’s not possible to use it.

hello Yousef!
I think this is what you want, right?
(first you map the triangles on the surface and then you “cover” them with boundary surfaces.
I hope I understood what you wanted.

Yeah, this is what I want! But, for some reason, it is not working with me. Also does this work with curved surfaces?

Yes, it works with curved surfaces, have a look at the file and you will understand.
(most probably, you didn’t input a target surface, in the image I uploaded you can’t see it because it’s internalized.) (5.4 KB)

Thank you very much, but actually, my end goal is to make triangular pyramids on a curved surface using the triangular grid and this script maps the surface only I guess because when it maps the pyramids it flattens them so that they’re 2D.

It’s better if you upload the gh. file

In the file I attach, you can control the pyramid’s height by the “w domain” in the surface morph. (12.9 KB)

It works but the morphing actually curves the lines of the pyramid and this is not the purpose of my project, I need the pyramids to trace the curve of the surface segmentally.

(You won’t be able to understand what I mean unless you use a double curved surface for the morphing which I tried when I used your definition right now.)

Here’s the pyramids definition I made using the TriB lunchbox component.

Your help is immensely appreciated.Triangular Grid (Shorter Definition).gh (15.1 KB)

Take a look at the attachment.

Triangular Grid (Shorter Definition) (10.6 KB)


And this could be a way of filtering those tri-panels which you don’t want to keep…

Triangular Grid (Shorter Definition) (17.1 KB)