Graft/Data Path Duplication problem

I can use the ‘Graft’ function once to turn two lists into a tree of lists.

But in my attempt to create another graft (the second graft),
it does not perform the same utility, er… to my liking.
It is obviously an error on my part in understanding the functionality

I think I want to go from {0:0} to {0:0:0} to {0:0:0:0}
but the specific terminology and methodology has eluded me thus far.

If you click the top image and ‘right arrow’ through them, I think it’s easy to see my predicament.
I want to ‘double graft?’ the data coming from the blue box, but how do I do this?

Also, obviously, any information/link on ‘data management’ or more specifically ‘tree mechanics?’ would be most helpful.

Try grafting the result from the addition and leaving the blue component as a single list? That way you get 4 items being broadcast onto each of the 16 grafted branches -> 64 items in total, if that’s what you are trying to achieve.

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What a novel idea/suggestion!
That’s does exactly what I was attempting to do.
Thank you so much.