List data tree

,created an array of points but all data flattened from beginning,i am trying to create seperate branches with items like second image,how to do it?
i am trying to understand data trees, as i see i can flatten branched list, but cannot unflatten one list (12.0 KB) (9.0 KB) (7.3 KB)


i have another probleb associated with this one,i want to create seperate trees,how to do that? (22.6 KB) (18.8 KB)

If you use Entwinefrom the first place… (15.0 KB)

You don’t get to have the points numbered like your image. (10.4 KB)

@scorchblood, this is going to ridiculous lengths for no legitimate purpose… :man_facepalming: (8.8 KB)

thank you,both answers are what im looking for.