Tree branches on an egg

This discussion gives me some will to redo some trees

Many possibilities to change the type of branching depending on
Point distribution : random, on triangle mesh, on quad mesh
Proximity grouping number
Length of path depending on direction

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Hi Laurent, these are beautiful. I know that you are hinting as to how you have made them, but would you willing to share the .gh file? Thank you Oliver

You will find in this link some scripts.

If you understand the principles, you could make lot and lot of variations.

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Thank you… much appreciated… BTW Thanx for Trail Blazing!

@laurent_delrieu Do you know what I should look up in google or here to begin understanding the principles?

These look great !

Hard to tell. My method is to try, search, fail … I don’t exactly know what you don’t know. If it is the tree structure some useful tools are :
Shortest Walk tool has to be understood
Proximity 3d
Point repartition (seek for remesher or point populating)

For the curve smoothing it is not too complex but strangely no so explained.

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Thanks ! Ill start there. I have been using closest points and a bunch of python if statements to try and make my curves look interesting but they all come out kinda random and not too pleasing to look at :sweat_smile:


I don’t really understand what you are after but if it is related to this Gallery did you look at the links ? This one for example

Im just exploring / curious as to how one accomplishes randomly generated paths that look good. Still new to this just was curious.

Thanks for the insight and links will check them out now !