Display Grasshopper geometry without outer edges

Hello everyone, hope you’re coding fine.

I’m trying to generate a nice portrait of me with some shapes for fun.

I want this one printed but the shape’s colored outlines are making me itchy… (normally I would turn the surfaces into a solid hatch and then they would disappear - it costs ram.)

Any easier way to remove them? (see image)

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Depending on your settings and requirements, you could print from a Ghosted viewport.

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They would still show in a Ghosted mode :s

hatch_02.gh (7.2 KB)

hatch_02.3dm (32.4 KB)

Why don’t you post your file?

Serendipity… I just figured out that Previewing meshes does the work.

Hatches didn’t do it for some reason (curves length threshold maybe )

Thanks, Martin!

You’ll have to create a hatch once in Rhino and then recompute Grasshopper otherwise the hatch pattern isn’t recognized.


Thanks for the tip! Any idea how I can bake Hatches with their respective colors instead of just previewing them?

Yes :slight_smile:

Updated files:

hatch_02.gh (13.0 KB)
hatch_02.3dm (30.4 KB)

totally forgot about the bake w/ attributes! :pray: :pray:

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