Travel distance (Isochrone) analysis for urban mobility

Hi, for a research project, I am looking into tools that could help me create a travel distance (Isochrone) analysis. Meaning, I want to analyse how far one could travel within a certain time frame and display this graphically. Preferably, I would like to differentiate between several modes of public transport, car, biking and pedestrian travel. Sofar, I have found Spiderweb and the DecodingSpaces Toolbox

Is there any documentation on these (or potentially other tools) that would allow me to create a travel range distance analysis similar to the one below?

Sorry to disappoint, the pictures and video aren’t mine. They are references to what I was hoping to do in Rhino. Covid research is not on my list, thanks for the tip anyways.

@Intuos did you find any of the documentation on spiderweb?

This is all I know:

In the end I decided to do this in QGIS as it has a bit more tools for these sorts of things and has some documentation/ tutorials around.

This definition uses SpiderWeb to create the road network, adding weights based on type of roads and assumed speeds, then creates a Delaunay mesh from the nodes where the nodes are offset vertically based on their time from the point(s) of interest. The offsets create a sort of mesh topography that can then be contoured based on time increments (Z-axis is effectively time). (33.5 KB)

Heron is used to grab roads from the US Census Tiger Lines, but you could probably get similar data from OSM or other sources.

The next version of Heron will also have the Mapbox Isochrone service if you are looking to skip the building of your own road network.


That’s an interesting approach. Thanks for posting this.
Adding the Mapbox service sounds great!
I may very well use this in the future.

Just to follow up here, I’ve added a MapboxIsochrone component to Heron v0.4.0.

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That’s really cool, thanks Brian!

Hello Brian, any chance to have MapboxIsochrone component in Heron for macOS ? Thanks for all the work !

Hi @flixchameroy ,
I plan to update Heron for macOS to include the latest features of 0.4.x, however, it is unlikely to happen soon. As MapboxIsochrone is a reasonably simple component, I’ll look into adding it as a one-off before the big update.

Hi @flixchameroy , Apologies for the delay here, but I’ve just released v0.4.2 for macOS on the package manager. It has all the functionality of the latest windows version, including MapboxIsochrone.