Transparent png import in Grasshopper

Hi everyone,

I have to import a transparent png file in grasshopper. I used the “Import Image” component, and locally set one existing file.
When I import the image directly in Rhino, no problem, the background is transparent, but when I import in Grasshopper, the background becomes black. I need it imported via gh so I can place it right in my model.

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Would be good to see some files.


png import (4.9 KB)

Those are two completely different things.
On rhino the image is imported as a surface with pre-applied material, and the material uses the original picture as texture.

On grasshopper the “Import Image” component outputs a mesh with colored vertexes! (much heavier process)
You can cull the vertexes of the mesh by a color… as it seems that alpha channel is lost, you can use black (hoping it is not used in the picture itself). (10.2 KB)
(Added a c# version of the same culling … it is faster)

Note that working with meshes in this way can slow down everything… huge amount of points.

Probably there are better methods to implement actual texturing withing grasshopper…

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Thank’s a lot for clearing things up! I didn’t know it was creating a mesh… This solution is unfortunatly still too heavy for what I have to build, maybe i’m missing on something obvious.

How would you do if u had to represent approximately 6000 shrubs (grapevines) placed at specific spots determined in grasshopper ?

Is there anyway to use the surface with material in grasshopper ?

Different model/texture each other? Or just different position/orientation/scale?
If the latter, create one/some block in rhino and use grasshopper to place new instances on the rhino file. There are plenty of plugins to handle blocks. I can’t advice one in specific as i don’t use block even on rhino…

Thank’s a lot ! using blocks worked fine, I used Elefront plugin.
I actually used 4 different images and applied a random rotate and scale.

Have a good day and thank you for your help !

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