How to change the transparency of a picture

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Is there any way to change the transparency of a placed picture in Rhino and make it glassy?

Hello- the material on a plane placed using the Picture command has a transparancy slider.

To make it glassy, as in reflective as well as transparent, change the material type to Custom, then you get to play with reflectivity, Fresnel etc.


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Thank you :slight_smile:

If you are in Rhino 7 you should use the Physically Based Material instead of Rhino Custom. Put your texture in the base color slot, and then lower the opacity. Use IOR for glass to get the correct effect. Note that for proper glass you need either a surface with thickness, or a solid.

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Thank you. sir

What the master, Pascal Golay recommended did work. I think it was the same you guided

BTW, the Color Mask option is pretty handy. I often invert images white-on-black, so I can see curves over the guide images.

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Sure the Rhino Custom material works, but especially for Rhino Render and Raytraced it is not an optimal material to work with - the shader tree for it is very complex. The PBR material is much simpler and more performant.

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