Translating RhinoPython (ironPython) to and rhino.compute

Hello all,
I’m a computational designer working for a studio in Hong Kong. Over the last few months, we’ve been developing a toolset to process DWGs produced by Archicad using rhino Python (ironPython).

Essentially what this tool does is:

  1. Look into a specified folder for DWGs
  2. Open the first DWG file, check the layers and ask the user to select the layers they want to process
  3. Once the layers are identified, we recursively break the block structure, rebuild polylines from hatches
  4. Boolean them together
  5. Rebuild hatches
  6. Replace all the instances of the same block with a single instance
  7. Export DWG
  8. Open the next file
  9. Repeat Steps 3-7 for each file in the folder

A very early prototype of this tool was done on GH using Elefront

So far so good, we have a stable build of this working for our internal projects right now. Now we would like to do a version of this that can be hosted on the web using AWS and I’ve been looking into a combination of and rhino.compute for this. Since I’m fairly inexperienced at programming and there’s not much documentation to work off of, I would like some advice from someone who has a little more experience working with these libraries.

A few questions to start with:
A - Can I use the current rhino3dm library to import & export DWGs?
B - Are there some resources on the web with more documentation about the rhino3dm library
C - In the ironPython version of this tool, I was using Rhinoscript and Macros for things like I/O, Purging and Block Management, is there an equivalent of the rs.command function for or rhino.compute?
D - Are the libraries stable enough right now to even achieve all the functionality that I’m trying to implement?
E - What are the implications of running rhino3dm/rhino.compute on AWS and how easy/hard is it to implement?

If there are people here with some more experience and can guide me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

You can reach out to me at