Transform between point set

Hi: I want create a transform for geometry based on the displacement of the point set, before and after the solver. But the point list coming out does not stay in the order of the input mesh.
Is there any way to control this? If could track the transform between each pair I could drive other more complex transformations with it.


Hi @jesachs
You can use the ‘Show’ component for this. (14.2 KB)
You can input geometry and it will come out with the same order from the same branch of the solver output. Here it is shown with a mesh, but you can also use a list of points here.

Hi Daniel: Thanks for this response, it helped a lot. Coming back around to a more complex phase in the same project. And I like to ask to get a little direct support from you to crack something tricky. Could I message you? It’s not something I want to post.
I have a clean kangaroo algo that does exactly what I need in the test case, but in the actual case the model dissolves.
It’s for an art installation. non-commercial but I’d like to get your professional consultation.
Tried to get you on linkdin. thanks again Jason Sachs