Transferring Rhino to blender

@nathanletwory I tried the blender importer you wrote, but I don’t get good result with it as the normals of the meshes are not being transferred properly. If I export as OBJ, it gives close to perfect results. So I wonder if you can make the importer for Rhino files behave the same as the OBJ version, with the added benefit of importing the size correctly :slight_smile:

example Rhino objects (turned on mesh display to see the differences, custom meshes):

imported in blender:

imported as OBJ:

rhino_import_test.3dm (326.6 KB)

Thanks for the report. I’ll check this soon.

Looks like the OBJ importer in Blender automatically applies a Merge by Distance operator. For now you can do that manually after import.

The issue for that is remove doubles as automated post-process step · Issue #92 · jesterKing/import_3dm · GitHub . I’ll add this topic to the issue as well.

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