Trackpad zoom problems

In one of the latest updates, you have changed the way to use the trackpad zoom from a scrolling zoom to a spread zoom imitating the mac zoom features in other programs. While this proved to be nothing more than a nuisance as you drastically shifted a well-established feature, and thus the interface, it has proved buggy in nearly every time that i’ve used this feature. I attempt to zoom out from an object to move to another detail, and it seemingly zooms in even more as i try to zoom out (not a user error, trackpad has shown no issue in any other program using this gesture, nor did it ever have this problem before this feature had been implemented). I’m using Yosemite 10.10.2, using Rhino build 5A683

This sounds pretty maddening. Sorry it’s behaving so oddly. I admit, I’m having trouble replicating the behavior you describe. Spread-zoom (for better or worse) is working as expected when I zoom into an object, zoom back out, then zoom into another object. Perhaps I’m missing something needed to replicate this. I presume Rhino is showing the same behavior in Top, Left, Right as it is in Perspective?

Yes, it is behaving this way in all four windows. I have also noticed that it could also be due to the file size that i’m dealing with, as it doesn’t seem to be as much of a problem in smaller files. The model i’m working on is rather large, and thus is dealing with a lot of information (around 500 MB at the moment). But this never happened with the scroll zoom in previous version, which was, admittedly a much more effective means to navigate as well as it never had the problem when dealing with models that were comparable in size.

Interesting. Thanks for the additional info. The large file size issue is a start…but it sounds like there may be something else going on here.

@marlin I’m going to try to replicate this on my machine and file a bug if I can, but I just wanted to see if you have any ideas on this as you have made changes recently to this code.

I’m curious, does this poor zooming behavior happen when you hold down the option key when you do the pinching zoom in the Perspective viewport? (I’m trying to figure out whether this has to do with Dolly zoom or Camera Zoom.)

Please update to 5A693 or later. 5A693 has workarounds for new trackpad bugs that Apple introduced in 10.10.2.

I was not holding down options, it was when pinch zooming in all of the windows, not just in perspective. Using option to zoom didn’t seem to be affected. And i will update to the latest build once i get a chance to, and hopefully the problem is resolved