Issue using trackpad pinch zoom on Mac issue

Yesterday I was working in a file and all of a sudden the ability to zoom while pinching using my trackpad just seemed to stop working. Ive restarted my computer several times as well as restarting my computer. Im aware its not a crucial matter whoever its extremely frustrating to be working without this feature available. Someone please help if you can.

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Hello - I think this is a Mac WIP issue, correct? So far I cannot reproduce this here - I just want to make sure we’re on the same page as far as the build of Rhino - 6 WIP, and not 5, correct?


Did you manage to fix the problem? I just happened to me and I’m really frustrated about it.

Hi - which version for Rhino are you running?

6.16 but I actually fixed the problem. I just deactivated the pinch zoom in my computed and activated away and that did it. Thank you