No trackpad preference

I am using Rhino for Mac V.5 with Macbook Pro and also iMac retina.
When using Rhino with Macbook Pro, I can see trackpad setting in preference and everything works fine. (2finger, 3finger 4finger gesture & navigating)
However, same version of Rhino with iMac does not show trackpad setting in preference.
I found this problem after I bought magic trackpad just for Rhino, and it will be a big waste if I can not use it…
I have seen some post here, but could not find clear solution to this problem, if there is any.

Can someone help please ?

Mac Rhino only displays the Trackpad preference section when it detects a trackpad is present. There is a bug in the code and Mac Rhino does not properly detect the Magic Trackpad 2. This will be fixed in the next WIP release.