Tracing with Background Bitmap in two Top viewports

See image:

Easy with BackgroundBitmap:
Want two side by side vports; one with visible Background bitmap and second vport with Non-visible Background bitmap.
Why? So it is easy to clearly see the curves.

The question for PictureFrame: Can we do something like this with Picture Frame? Something like ‘HideInDetail’ that is available in a Layout.

Hi Bob, there is a discussion about this to implement in V6 for the _PictureFrame command. Meanwhile you might get away with one viewport and draw with a different color than black or white. If the curves end behind the picture frame, you could use commands like _BringForward, _BringToFront, _SendBackward (on the picture frame object) and _ClearDrawOrder to get rid of all the changes made.


There are several advantages of using pictureframe command - such as transparency, non uniform scaling, trim, and other editable items - where the only real advantage of Background Bitmap is because of the visibility item.
When editing a curve the control points are sometimes difficult to see when they are within the darker areas of a bitmap… this is a prime example of why being able to hide is important .
I could also see places where we would want to have the same viewport open but with different visibility options and be able to align one part with another and yet have the work area clear so it is easier to edit.


It appears SetObjectDisplayMode (in V5 at least) is tied to the viewport, so a workaround might be to create a PictureFrame to get the texture into Rhino with the proper scaling then clone the PictureFrame size with a normal surface and drop the texture on it. I can’t get PictureFrame to display differently in two top views, but the normal textured surface can be set to wireframe without iso lines in one view and rendered in another.


This is not really what we were looking for. Our best solution so far was to use the layouts and have two viewports the same IE top view. and draw through the viewport.

Thanks for the interest and reply


Hi Dave - I set the transparency quite high on PictureFrame materials, to allow more curve visibility, set the current (curve drawing) layer to a good, visible color, and place the PF itself on a layer of its own to be able to toggle visibility. No doubt you’ve tried all this as well, but just in case…



Good to know you have a workaround. Just for completeness, clipping planes are also linked to a view in v5, so one can put a clipping plane in front of something and set its properties to show in one top view and hide in another top view. Then, if the clipping plane is on its own layer, hiding that layer will get rid of the wire frame rendering of the clipping plane object.