How to hide object in a specific view(picture frame)

hi. I’m trying to model a car with background images inserted. I use Picture frame. But it’s inconvenient to draw lines when I see PictureFrames in perspective view. So I want to hide PictureFrame in a specific view(perspective).

Unfortunately, you cannot hide objects “per viewport” in Rhino. What I can suggest is either keeping the picture frame on a separate layer and turn that layer off when you don’t want to see the image; or using BackgroundBitmap instead of PictureFrame - while less flexible in general than PictureFrames, background bitmaps have the advantage of being viewport-dependent.

HTH, --Mitch

I think this guy has PictureFrame per viewport.

I’m pretty sure he’s using background bitmaps. Those are per-viewport.

Thanks. It was background image. I figured it out.