Toucan materials

When modifying a material in Toucan, object(s) with this material assigned to are not updated automatically like in each and every rendering engine. I have to manually re-assign the material to the object(s). Is there a fix for this?

Agreed on this (and a few other oddities with materials). Are there any resources that describe the current behavior that we can refer to?


See this wiki article.

In the side bar of the Toucan Materials dialog, there is a Libraries section and there is a Models section.

When you drag a material onto an object in your model, a copy of that material is added to your model. To see the Toucan materials in your model, click the name of your model in the sidebar under the Models section. You’ll see materials show up in the right hand side. If you edit these materials, the changes will be applied to your model.

The Libraries section is just that - a repository of materials for you to use. Changes made here won’t affect past models.

Marlin, thanks for the explanation. Now it leads to 2 other questions related to the attached image;

  1. how/why the materials are duplicating like CTA Concept 10, CTA Concept 100, CTA Concept 1000 and so on…?

  2. Why I can’t select objects using a given material with the function provided with the Toucan Materials palette?


Many thanks! Changes to a material do not propagate — rather, it must be reassigned — correct?

I was still intrigued by this question on materials that duplicates. These, are created when pasting geometry. To the question asked in the dialog box below, I usually answer no. I now understand that this is the source of the duplicates.