Total Video Memory only 64MB

After purchasing a new Surface Book 2 with i7 and Nvidia GTX 1050 running Windows 10 - I’m having a problem with Rhino performance. Rhino is only reporting/detecting 64MB of video memory when there should be more like 2GB. I have seen some similar threads but no solutions.
I have been in contact with both MS and NVIDIA. All drivers and updates are confirmed to be the latest and are up to date.
I have tested the video card with other software and it is performing correctly.
I have also adjusted all the settings appropriately in the NVIDIA control panel and explicitly state to use the GTX when loading Rhino. This is the same problem in both 64 and 32 Bit versions of the software.
Please advise if anyone has an idea what I can do.

Is the 64 mb of VRAM being reported in Rhino Options>View>OpenGL? I’ve always heard from @jeff, one of our display developers, that Rhino will use all the available VRAM despite what is reported here. Are the GPU make/model and driver reported correctly?

Also, do you have the v6 beta running too? I have found the VRAM report there to be accurate.

In V5, 64MB is what gets displayed when Rhino can’t find the memory amount in the Registry… As Brian mentioned, this is a visual diagnostic only field, and it is not used for any other purpose…Rhino will consume as much video memory as it needs.

V6 uses card specific queries, and gets this information correct now because V6 tries to manage video memory in a much more efficient way…whereas V5 doesn’t try to manage it at all.


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Here are my open GL settings.
Using Rhino v5 SR 14.
Will also check out v6 later today.



Similar here… ignored it but would be nice if it’s fixed.
GTX1050 4GB only shows 128

I am definitely experiencing lag and performance problems relating to open gl settings. This shouldn’t happen with small amounts of geometry. So I’m concerned that this driver/compatibility issue may not be isolated to the display of 64mb - but in the actually amount of availability memory allocated to rhino.
I’m going to do a bit more testing later today with other 3d tools and v6 as well. Will report.