Nvidia Quadro under reporting amount of video memory

To all of our Nvidia and OpenGL gurus (hi @Holo @jeff )

I’ve just set up a new computer due to the monstrous textures we are creating these days and it is a thing of beauty. I’ve got one problem though.

It has a Quadro M4000 with 8GB of VRAM. When I look at Options>OpenGL in Rhino it reports that I have 4095MB of video memory.
If I look at the Nvidia Control panel it correctly reports the dedicated video memory as 8192MB

Any thoughts? Is it a problem?

Machine is on Win7 Pro 64bit (yeah, I know it’s older but it’s stable and good)

Thanks for looking at this, Steve

And in case this helps for Jorgen. Seems pretty quick :wink:

FWIW, it has been mentioned that Rhino not always finds correct information on the GPU. As far as I understand, these numbers are found ‘somewhere’ on the system but Rhino doesn’t use this information for its OpenGL performance. That is, if Nvidia reports 8192 MB, I’m pretty sure that Rhino can use all of that (minus whatever is used by other consuming processes on the PC).

I believe this has been fixed in V6…I didn’t fix it in V5 because I was told there wasn’t going to be anymore SRs.

Either way this shouldn’t be any concern, as it is simply diagnostic information (that Rhino gets wrong).

Thanks Wim and Jeff.
I’ll ignore it then :wink:

Thanks for the heads up!
Holomark checks with Win32_VideoController to get the value, and that might be the reason, as 32 bit systems doesn’t support more than 4GB Ram so maybe that applies to Vram as well… I see my 1070 reports 4095 MB as well.
I have to see if I can use some other check for Holomark3.