Torsional Springs between Lines in Kangaroo?

Hi, is there any way to create torsional springs between lines/mesh elements in Kangaroo? I tried using the “Rod” command (which I see can straighten a network of lines if you set bending stiffness to be high AND target angle to be scaled to 0), but it didn’t generate any bending stiffness when I set the target angle scale to 1 and put a high bending stiffness… I’d need the torsional springs to be operative in 3D, too, not just in-plane.

I know that old Kangaroo documentation indicated that there was no ability to create torsional springs in Kangaroo 1, and I don’t see such an ability in Kangaroo 2, but maybe someone can help?

I really need this for some Master’s research I’m working on. Currently, I use rigid body dynamics software MSC.Adams’s “bushing” feature to create such torsional springs between rigid line elements, but they must be assembled manually, whereas Kangaroo is awesome for assembling complex networks automatically.

Also, I’d be happy to accomplish this in another Grasshopper program, like FlexHopper, but it doesn’t seem like FlexHopper has torsional spring functionality either…

Thank you!!!

Hi @Want2UseOculusAndRhi
Yes, this is possible in Kangaroo - are you looking for something like this?:

Here’s an example file: (21.6 KB)