Topology optimization

Good evening,everyone.I now have a brep.I want to fill it with a rhomboid tablet.And the size of these diamonds is the same size.I am looking forward to receiving your help,thank you very much.190330…3dm (3.5 MB)

Hi - have a look at these plug-ins for topology optimization:

Thank you,i am going to give it a try now.:grinning::grinning:

If by fill you mean that you have a quad mesh and you want to relax romboids done from the mesh faces (using obvioulsy FF connectivity for the bridges etc etc) then K2 is the way to go … but it would be VERY slow for a density like in your quad test mesh.

In fact we are talking about replacing the OEM mesh with another and then attempting to relax the edges/faces/angles via a Physics Engine the likes of K2. Or the quad mesh provited is the one that you want to relax???

NOTE: Don’t expect same size faces (romboids) not even in a million years … just shapes “as equal as possible” (plus if you want to offset things inwards [like real-life PLANAR panels] buy a CRAY as well, better safe than sorry).