Popup menu with tabs, how to?

I’ve managed before by luck somehow to have my popup menu (middle mouse) have multiple tabs so could switch between workflows easily.

But because of random reason X the toolbars messed up again, and I had to re-import them, most of my custom buttons where still there, but I can’t get a toolbar-group anymore to act as the popup menu, only 1 menu without tabs.

Hi Peter,

Try this:
1- middle mouse to get the pop up toolbar.
2- click and drag the header of it to make it floating
3- hold down Ctrl and drag another tab to the floating pop up
4- this makes a group called pop up that can be accessed from Options>Rhino Options>Mouse>Pop up this toolbar list

The important thing is to pick the group not the toolbar named pop up as that contains the additional tab.

I’ve made multiple groups manually already, named the group “popup” in both name-able area’s and still it only shows one menu rather then two.

If I name only group popup, which is what I’d expect I should do to make it work, it will give me the following error, even-though there IS a group named “Popup”

Rhinoceros 5.0 Pop-up Toolbar Error

No toolbar or group named "default.Popup"
found to pop-up


I’ve just edited it and seemingly other then the normal menu’s where naming it “Popup” was enough for a group you have to use “default.Popup” to make it work.