Toolbar bugs RH5-SR9

Still a few bugs left in the toolbar system of Rhino5 SR9, at least i can reproduce this:

Button Icons:

  1. Create new button, SHIFT + RMB click to go into the Button Editor
  2. Click on the icon image
  3. In the Edit Bitmap dialog, choose File > Import any Bitmap to Fit
  4. OK two times to close both opened dialogs
  5. The new icon image is assigned to the new button
  6. On this button, SHIFT + RMB click again to go into the Button Editor
  7. Click on the icon image, Edit Bitmap dialog opens
  8. Press DEL key to get rid of icon image
  9. OK two times to close both opened dialogs

The image is still displayed as icon image over here. I cannot get rid of it. If i draw manually inside the icon editor, then ok two times, the drawn image is displayed. If i use DEL to get rid of it again in the Edit Bitmap dialog, then OK two times, the last loaded image reappears.


  1. In a vertical alligned (floating) toolbar, add a Seperator
  2. It appears at the bottom of the toolbar
  3. Drag the lowest toolbar button up, above the seperator
  4. The button is only displayed partially then.

…once the toolbar is resized to be displayed as a horizontal row of buttons, the horizontal seperators disappear. Once it is docked, they reappear.

hopefully someone else is able to reproduce it. :blush:


Hi Clement- thanks, I see the image editing problem.

So far the separator looks OK here. But your description is a little cryptic, to me-

Here the separator is indeed at the bottom so I drag it upward above the lowest button, or the lowest button down below the separator - is that what you mean?


Hi Pascal, yes i was on the phone while writing the last sentence. Once the seperator is added as the lowest item of the toolbar, drag the lowest button below the seperator. On my system, my button looks like this then:

The blue bar is the button, which usually has 24px height. Btw. i´ve found that once the toolbar is resized, the button gets back to its normal height. (The example shows on the top of the toolbar a button with text and icon, but no icon image has been set to it yet. If you look very close to the icon area, you´ll see a small white pixel on the upper right. This is required currently to be set, otherwise the old icon image comes back) :wink:


BTW, another problem I have with toolbars
My left panel is large for two icons and I have 3 toolbars inside. Each toolbar is 2 icons width and n icons height. Toolbars are fitted one above the other. If, by mistake, I resize the middle toolbar to its minimum high size (quite null), then I can no more resize it to increase its height, so I have no more access to the icons that fit in this toolbar.

Hi Pascal,

i´ve found some more with seperators. In my floating toolbar, vertically aligned, i have buttons with the appeareance setting “Inherit appeareance from tab” only. Some of them have icon + text, some only icon.

The tab is set to show icon and text. If i have 3-4 seperators between those buttons and COPY a button between them using CTRL + LMB, all seperators are gone. They do not come back when the toolbar is resized.

Once i add a new seperator, it is not displayed inside the toolbar but at the lower right a >> sign appears pointing to the seperator. I cannot get rid of this seperator and it is not displayed in the toolbar on resize.

EDIT: Ony if i delete the copied button mentioned above, the seperators came back.


Hi Clement- does copying a button result in the aspect of the toolbar changing from completely vertical (only one button wide) to something that is two buttons or more across? (For example, if an icon only button moves to the right of a icon-text button) Separators only show in single row or single column toolbars - that might explain what you are seeing.


Hi Pascal, yes that is what happened. I had the first button in the vertical toolbar with text, then below one using only icon with no text beside it. So the space on the right of this button was free. The seperator was below the second button. Once i did COPY that button, the copy was added to the right (as there was space) and all seperators disappeared.