Toggling different parts of a definition

I am trying to set up a Boolean toggle as an interface so that I can choose to initiate one part of a definition or another where true activates one, and false another. I have been exploring if(toggle, x,y) and dispatch but I just cant figure it out. Its probably simple, but help appreciated.

I did actually work out a way of doing this thanks to another post:

One option is to use the Stream Filter and Stream Gate components, depending upon whether you need to toggle between several streams going to one gate, or vice versa (thereby enabling you so send/activate different parts of your definition using toggles or integer sliders): (7.4 KB)

Thanks for your reply!
I ended up playing around with a drop down list and then using that as the sift pattern.

Just be careful with sift pattern as it outputs nulls for the other outputs not selected which some components can still use. Where as stream gate outputs out no data for the other outputs. If you zoom in on Stream Gate , Filter Gate and a few others a + will come up and you can add more inputs in the same way as you have done with sift pattern.

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