Toggle surfaces or curves only display

Is there a way to display just curves or just surfaces, momentarily with a toggle? I often find I am working with curves that are coincident with surface geometry, it would be really helpful if you could set a toggle to turn off all surfaces whilst I work on the curves. Then press it again to bring them back.

I know this can be achieved by using the selection filters and the hide command, or by having different types of geometry set on different layers (I’m not that disciplined). A simple toggle would really speed things up, for me at least. I often resort to moving curves a set distance with the Gumball, working on it then moving them back. There must be a better method.

Thanks for any suggestions offered.

Hi MisterB- curves can be toggled on and off in the Display panel, but not surfaces.


Thanks Pascal. I’d completely overlooked the display panel for this (seems obvious now). Although I can’t toggle off surfaces in one go, turning off the edges and the isocurves seems to work. I’d love a shortcut to do it but this is a workable solution.

Thanks very much for your help.

Actually it isn’t quite what I’d hoped. Although the surface/curve is not displayed, it is still selectable. I want it to be as hidden and not selectable. I guess there isn’t an easy way to do this, without resorting to using the selection filter and hide.

Of course you could make a macro that selects curves, inverts selection, groups, names the group and hides it. Assign that to a keyboard combination or button and then make one that shows the named group and ungroups.

Thanks for the suggestion, wim. I haven’t dabbled with macros in Rhino, in fact I haven’t dabbled with macros much fullstop. I’ll take a look at the relevant help section and see what I can do. It sounds like a good solution.

Thanks again.

Just shout if you get stuck :sunglasses:

Thanks very much for the offer, wim. I will certainly ask if I get stuck. Cheers!