Toggle display mode of surfaces too (as seen w/ SubDs)

Besides all the curvature analyzing tools I find it shockingly helpful to display only the control polygon of a surface. Seeing such control polygon as a mesh object, with no smoothing (i.e. a flat-shade mode), often reveals undesired curvatures and weird bulges on a surface:

(I bet you can see the offending vertices.)

…that means:

  • ExtractControlPolygon,
  • Isolate,
  • FlatShade,
  • modify the control polygon mesh to eliminate unwanted disortions,
  • Unisolate,
  • adjust the surface control points to match the now-modified control polygon mesh again,
  • delete the control polygon mesh

It would be great if we could Tab a surface into a “ControlPolygon” mode, like we can with SubDs.