To transpose text pannel from Grasshopper in visual tables in Rhino


I need help Buddies!
I would like to transpose a text pannel from grasshopper (which is the result of a python script which gives the possible permutations between X and Y with a constraint of 50% of Y and 50% of X) in some visual tables on Rhino, I would like to replace the X and the Y in the differents tables by pictures for the X and pictures for Y or if it’s easier one color for the X and one color for the Y…
I would like to have a a visual table of 5 rows and 2 column… for each group {0}…{1}…{2}… and so on…

Could you help me ?
here is the gh definition : (14.6 KB)

Thank you so much in advance

this could be one way of representing them by using symbols (21.7 KB)

note: it reads bottom-top, left-to-right

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OHH :open_mouth: it looks amazing! a way to replace symbols by pictures or even brep ?

well, once you get the points where you want things to be placed, you can Orient breps instead of placing symbols

first things first: correct top-to-bottom, left-to-right reading: (23.0 KB)

if you want to use curves (or breps, or text) just mind to center their original on XY plane on the zero point: (22.4 KB)

Oh it’s really clever :D, do you know the best way to learn how to use Grasshopper you way ? I’m a designer and I have some huge lack to understand the mathematic approach in the way to use Grasshopper, I would like to learn but do I need to get back in College ? ahah

Thank you very much btw